Work Packages

WP1: Data-Driven optimization, control and localization for RIS in 6G networks
  1. Main objectives
    1.  SoTA survey on radio propagation modeling, optimization and JCAS for RIS,
    2. design and modeling of RIS optimization, control and JCAS techniques and innovative data-driven algorithms,
    3. model-driven and measurementbased validation of proposed algorithms and techniques at the GNW testbed.
  2. Deliverables
    1.   SoA on RIS and JCAS
    2. Intelligent RIS control and JCAS
    3. RIS performance evaluation

III. WP1 Leader: UO

WP2: Distributed and Explainable Management and Orchestration
  1. Main objectives
    1.  SoA on distributed/intelligent management and orchestration of CEC resources;
    2. devise the necessary algorithms featuring XAI, AI/ML to build DIMO for CEC;
    3. Validate the devised solutions using simulation or testbed PoC.
  2. Deliverables
    1.  SoA on Distributed and Explainable Orchestration
    2. Design distributed and explainable orchestration
    3. Orchestrated performance Evaluation
  3. WP2 leader: IQU
WP3:Self-managed Compute Continuum infrastructure for Metaverse services
  1. Main objectives
    1.  SoA assessment of cooperative AI schemes for the compute continuum,
    2. design a policy-driven PaaS solution for the compute continuum compatible with the ETSI ZSM paradigm
    3. study MARL techniques for pervasive orchestration
  2. Deliverables
    1.  SoA on cloud continuum
    2.  Design cloud continuum solutions
    3.  Performance evaluation of cloud continuum
  3. WP3 leader: NOK
WP4: Training
  1. Main objectives
    1. Plan, organize and execute the training events, schools and courses of the project. The development and continuous
      updating (collecting also feedback from ESRs) of the EXACT-6G open-source LDP is within scope.
  2. Deliverables
    1. Training activities-1
    2.  Training activities -2
  3. WP4 leader: EUR
WP5:Project Management
  1. Main objectives
    1. To provide scientific and administrative management of the project by: 1) to monitor the tasks, deliverables, and
      milestones; 2) to organize and coordinate events; 3) to manage resources, IPR and quality control; 4) to handle the ESR
      recruitment process, and, 5) to handle the project’s internal conflicts
  2. Deliverables
    1.  Kick-off
    2.  Supervisory Board
    3.  Data management Plan
    4.  Career Development plans
    5.  Progress Report
  3. WP5 leader: ATH/ISI
WP6: Dissemination, Communication, and Standardization (DCS)
  1. Main objectives
    1. Disseminate of results, communicate the project to the general audience, contribute to standards, collaborate with other projects.
  2. Deliverables
    1.  Website
    2.  Plan for the dissemination and exploitation of results, including communication activities
    3.  Updated Plan for the dissemination
  3. WP6 leader: GNW